Retaining the Passion: Clinical Supervision.

After a short hiatus, Clare and Craig are back with the rest of season three. This fortnight they are discussing the very topical, “Clinical Supervision”. What is it? Why, as nurses, should we have it? And why does it matter more than ever?

They are delighted to have two fantastic guests join them who are part of the UK’s Clinical Supervision Subject Expert Group hosted by the Florence Nightingale Foundation. First, they speak with Professor Emeritus Tony Butterworth CBE, a dual registered mental health and adult nurse, who was a driving force in bringing Clinical Supervision to the fore in the 1990s and continues to be a passionate advocate. Then, they speak to the incredible Joanne Bosanquet MBE, CEO of the Foundation of Nursing Studies, which provides resilience-based clinical supervision.

It is enlightening to hear both Tony and Joanne speak with such passion and share their different views and commonalities regarding clinical supervision. And we hope that this episode helps to keep the conversation going.

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Published by Retaining the Passion: Journeys Through Nursing

“Retaining the Passion”: a podcast by newly registered nurses, Clare Manley and Craig Davidson. They hope to shine a light on key issues affecting the nursing profession and wider society through speaking to various guests about their lived experiences.

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