Retaining the Passion: Everybody’s Business.

Clare and Craig discuss why exactly it’s “Everybody’s Business” to know more about perinatal and parent and infant mental health. Also, Clare shares her very personal story of her lived experiences of birth trauma and how they shaped her mental health and parenting experience. 

They are so grateful to have three fantastic guests join them. First, they speak to Abbey Kennedy, a registered mental health nurse and Advanced Clinical Practitioner in a Specialist Perinatal Community Team in Greater Manchester. Then, Helen Stevens, a Clinical Psychologist who works in Parent and Infant Mental Health in Bury, Greater Manchester, for Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust. Lastly, they speak to the inspirational Lindsay Robinson, who shares the lived experience of her perinatal mental health issues and how she has used these to successfully campaign for specialist perinatal mental health services for women and families in Northern Ireland.

Thank you so much to all three for sharing their experiences and journeys. We hope it truly highlights the importance of perinatal and parent and infant mental health being everybody’s business.

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Published by Retaining the Passion: Journeys Through Nursing

“Retaining the Passion”: a podcast by newly registered nurses, Clare Manley and Craig Davidson. They hope to shine a light on key issues affecting the nursing profession and wider society through speaking to various guests about their lived experiences.

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