Retaining the Passion: Global Nursing

Clare and Craig are both passionate advocates of global nursing and as student nurses were fortunate to experience international exchange placements to China and the United States, respectively.

While our podcast is unaffiliated to any trade union or professional body, due to the nature of our discussions and guests during this episode, we will be discussing the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) more so than we usually would. In November, the College will go through a consultation period as to whether they should rejoin the International Council of Nurses (ICN) or other potential global nursing alliances. For transparency, Craig is a member of the campaigning group, “We Are Global Nurses” recommending that the RCN rejoins the ICN, but Clare is not and is undecided.

This podcast episode is by no means a campaign episode for the RCN to rejoin the ICN; instead, we intend to give listeners and RCN members information, enabling them to make an informed choice.

Together, Clare and Craig interview Jeni Watts. A registered adult, children’s nurse and health visitor, who is one of the coordinators of “We Are Global Nurses”. Craig then interviews Howard Catton. A registered general nurse and Chief Executive Officer of the International Council of Nurses. Mentioning beforehand that Craig would be interviewing Howard, Craig asks Howard some tough questions from RCN members about the reasons why the RCN originally withdrew from the ICN and what it is they could gain from rejoining.

Together, Clare and Craig then reflect on these discussions. What we hope is that we leave our listeners with further information to make an informed decision, whatever that is. And to highlight just how important global nursing issues are.

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Published by Retaining the Passion: Journeys Through Nursing

“Retaining the Passion”: a podcast by newly registered nurses, Clare Manley and Craig Davidson. They hope to shine a light on key issues affecting the nursing profession and wider society through speaking to various guests about their lived experiences.

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